Welcome to the wonderful world of luxury goods resale! I am your host, Isa. If you got to this page, you are either looking to buy authentic designer goods at a fraction of the cost, flipping these items for a profit, or you are wanting to learn how to sell your preowned designer tems. Whatever your story is, there is something here for you.


Before I go on and on about all the magical stuff I offer here… what is my story? Why should you trust a word I say? What if I am just some highly skilled cyber con-artist looking to steal your precious time?


Here are all the answers! They won’t all be shared at once… I am 35, girlfriend! You would be sitting here until next week! What I have done is extracted all the valuable stuff and broken the story down into two digestible pieces. (I am saving you the parts of dating in LA, although I think that could be a NYT best seller on its own).


 The first part will walk you through my extensive fashion industry and marketing experience. I have worked for amazing, heavy weight brands such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Juicy Couture, Ron Herman, Allsaints, Kitson and many others.


Click to read about my story leading up to The Global Collective Co. and learn about The top 5 lessons that will transform your luxury resale business.



PART DEUX (that's two in French because, why not)


The second part of my story starts out where I have just left what I thought would be my dream job; a high ranking, well paid, corporate job as a brand manager for of the oldest American beer brands.


While I have not once regretted my choice, there were many obstacles, a lot of hard work, and hard, really low moments… all of which are ESSENTIAL for growth and creativity. It is only during the lowest points that creativity shows up with that intensity. Sometimes you have to reach the bottom to be able to plan your rise to the top.


Did you know I built my whole website in a little Café in Budapest? I left my job and corporate America because I realized that my ultimate goal was freedom. I would do anything it took to be able to live life on my own terms, and time. That was my “aha” moment, sitting at that café, in one of my favorite cities in the world, building my own site at 12 pm. I had done it! I had achieved my goal of having my own business and traveling the world.

Click to read Part 2, How I built my very own luxury resale online store

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. Browse the site! Reach out if you have any questions. Make sure you follow us on Instagram @theglobalcollectiveco for daily designer tips and tricks (including our now crowd favorite Real or Fake Series).


Thank you for your time.



Wait, I lied! There is more! I have recently launched an Authentication Consultation Service that is unlike any other! I don't just tell you if it is real or fake and hand you a certificate that doesn't really mean anything to anyone, I give you a PDF presentation and teach you a mini lesson on your piece.


If it is real, GREAT! Now you know what makes it real and you have learned about that brand. If it is fake, well, at other places, you just get that information. I will still send you a mini lesson on why it is fake so you will know what to look for next time :).


Check out the service here: Authentication Consultation Service



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