I can't tell you how many DMs I get every time I talk or post about the Business Buildout Course. And here's the thing, all messages are similar. They know they need it, and they trust I can deliver, but... for most people, the price has been the barrier. I know many people see the value in it, but spending $600 on a course seems scary, especially during these times.
But that is the issue. It is during these troubling economic times that your business needs to be running optimally, efficiently, like a Swiss train!
In the last email I talked about knowledge, and how it is a recession proof investment. When you invest in yourself, in knowledge, it can't be inflated, or devalued, or taken away. 
It is always a good investment
But let's address the price tag. $597 is the cost of the program. Well, that is what we see at face value… but we are resellers. We don't actually pay face value on anything lol.
We let our items do the heavy lifting. 
When I was running the Tory Burch Reva Scheme, my brother and I used to joke that I would breakdown every cost in my life according to how many Tory Burches I would have to flip.
My average profit on them was $50. So, let's say we were trying to buy plain tickets to go visit my mom in Mexico City. He would be like “hey, I checked the flights and the best deal is the $250 flight out of LAX”.
And I would go, “oh, you mean 5 torys? Cool! got it! ”
(my Tory Burch Reva stint was a family joke. I remember saying that some day I would write a book called “How Tory Burch Saved My Finances", and I am still not letting that dream die, but I digress…) 
The real question you need to ask yourself is… 
How many items do you need to flip to cover the cost of your investment?
If your current average profit per unit is around $20, which is pretty standard for the industry, that means you only have to flip 30 items and then the course is completely paid off!
You have seen the testimonials. A lot of my clients have been able to double their avg and total profit by using my methods. So the truth is, you could actually end up only flipping 10 items and the cost is covered!
Here is a neat little example from my past sales showing how you could potentially end up getting my course for free with a $300 investment. These are not fictional stories or scenarios, these are actual sales that happened in my business this year….
We start with the Nicholas Kirkwood pumps showcased up there by the heading. Total cost after fees on those was $61. I flipped for $267 so, after cogs I was left with a $150 profit. $150 down, $447 to go
Next up, this cute little Self Portrait dress I sourced for a total of $90. Her title was “Cute black dress”, bless her heart. I flipped for $275 and after cogs and fees ended up with a $130 profit. So, $280 down, $317 to go!
Now this Balenciaga wallet that looked NOTHING like it did in her pictures. If I wasn't a reseller, she would have gotten a case open for sure. But I was actually thankful her pictures were so inaccurate. This was a true gem! I bought it for $62 and after cogs and fees ended up with $130 profit. $410 down, only $187 to go!
Lastly, this Alexis dress. It is one of the most beautiful, intricate, feminine dresses I have ever sold. It was beautiful in person, too bad it was impossible to see its true value from the original picture. So I saved it from a life of despair. I paid $89 total for it and sold it for $359. After cogs and fees, I was left with $198 profit. 
And there you go! If this was you, you'd have your initial $300 investment back, the course paid off and you even have $11 profit to go spend on a fancy latte. 
Again, I am not kidding. This isn't some imaginary scenario. These sales happened this year. You could pay this course off in as little as 4 flips. Notice that only one of these items is a true designer item. The others are bridge brands, way more accessible than say your Guccis and Chanel.
The crazy part is… the course will give you the information you need to find items like this and maximize your profits! It will be the investment that keeps on giving.
If you are ready to take this step. You are ready to run like a serious business and make some serious profits. If you want to learn to do exactly how I do what I do (including these 4 sales)….

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU YOU COULD MAKE DOUBLE THE MONEY WITH THE SAME AMOUNT OF WORK? Want to learn my "Make more work less" business strategy? Need help creating/streamlining processes and optimizing your time and money? This isn't some magic skill, it's math. I will literally teach you how to work less and make more.

Business Buildout: A Reseller's Guide to Business Strategy is a course designed to help you build the business of your dreams. A strong, highly profitable resale business (based on data and facts) that will help you make more money with less time invested. I will walk you through building the basics, time and money optimization, systems and strategies... everything from cashflow to in-store and online sourcing. Yes, this includes my highly coveted online sourcing strategy!

It will be launching in the next few weeks so sign up to get the intro pricing offer and all the details before they go out to everyone else. I mean, have you SEEN my consultation testimonials? If I can get those results for my clients in one hour, IMAGINE what is in this course!

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