The GCC Business Dashboard (for Poshmark)
The GCC Business Dashboard (for Poshmark)
The GCC Business Dashboard (for Poshmark)

The GCC Business Dashboard (for Poshmark)

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Are you ready to access to the #1 tool that I use to run my business?


These reports tell me where my business stands, where there are areas of opportunity, where my time is best spent, what to buy and how much to pay! It is literally all in the numbers.


This tool will be emailed to you upon purchase. The formula requires at least 97 lines of information. 


I built it this way because there is no point checking trends with less items. I usually focus on the same report for at least a few months to notice actual change and business trends.

* (It will be empty, so you won't see any numbers until you follow instructions and input your Poshmark Sales Report.)


Get ready to decipher all the stuff that your numbers are trying to tell you! If you have any questions regarding the sheet, you can ALWAYS email me :). 


If you want to read a little more about this product and find out how I found $880 extra for a client just by using these charts, click here


Think you might need extra help analyzing your numbers? Click here to book a 1 hour one on one business consultation with your truly. 

*the numbers reflected are not my numbers. These are just an example so you see what information you can get just by running this tool.

*this is only available for Poshmark for now

*the actual dashboard will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase 

*this will work on mobile but it will be best appreciated on desktop/laptop

*the sheets only runs on Excel and Google sheets

The GCC Business Dashboard (for Poshmark)