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GCC Inner Circle

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Welcome to GCC Inner Circle, an insider, behind the scenes view of what goes on at The Global Collective Co.

There is only so much I can share on Instagram and the blog as far as cost of goods and killer flips due to clients that follow me.

I started blogging early in 2020. I wrote some pretty killer free content and out of 1000 subscribers, only about 150 were opening their emails. It was a little discouraging to giveaway all of this information to so many people and realized most of it was ending up in people's spam folders. No interest in the time and effort put into the articles.

I love teaching, I love sharing the information I have learned during my many years in the fashion, marketing and now reselling industries. I just didn't know how to go about it until now.

I want to build a small intimate group of people that want to learn and grow, and are willing to put in the time and effort. People that will appreciate my information, and use it to improve their business.

GCC Inner Circle will grant you access to...

  • Weekly report of high dollar flips (costs and profit included) called Weekly Wins
  • Access to Instagram "close friends" group for special stories content
  • Monthly article with tips related to business and/or reselling
  • Quarterly 1.5 hour Google Meet Group Video Call to review your business, numbers, set goals for the following quarter, and any questions for me.

You will be billed $24.99* once a month. You can cancel at any time, you will just miss the upcoming weekly wins, articles and calls etc.

I promise you, this will be worth the investment. It is a commitment on both of our ends to show up for each other. I am here to teach and guide you. You are here to keep me inspired, by sharing your wins and using my lessons.

Welcome to the Inner Circle 


*the rate is subject to change but not without a month's notice of the exact rate increase.