You should have all received the free tracker in the last email (the one with the class replay). And that is enough to get you started tracking the right things, but it is MUCH more manual than I like to be.
(If you do not have the free tracker yet, click here FREE BUSINESS TRACKER
I am VERY visual (have you seen my resale pictures? my emails? my branding?). I need to see things in an organized, easy to read, and easy to look at manner… so charts are my love language.
We have put together two killer dashboards for you, but let me explain the difference between them and what is included in each one. The first option, starting at a one time fee of $69 is the…
Here is a chart illustrating what is included in the standard option and how it compares to the PRO…
As you can see, the standard will give you all the information you need to run your business. Full disclosure, Christine and I are both using the PRO for different reasons.
She is crazy numbers lady and she is mildly obsessed with the sourcing calculator. She is currently doing a higher cost, higher profit model and she likes to know all of the possible outcomes and calculate what her potential profit can be at any given time (such an engineer lol).
*note: the sourcing calculator can be used offline as long as the app version of the program is on your phone.
While I like the calculator and understand it's benefit and importance, I am actually really happy to finally have a Consignment Dashboard and separate my regular reselling business from my consignment business.
I started The Global Collective with about a 50/50 mix of consignment. I kept trying to divorce my consignment business and I kept getting better offers to consign which make it REALLY hard to leave… so I have decided to stay in the game but be VERY specific about what I bring in.
I can't tell you how many times I have heard clients say they consign because “it's free”. Except it isn't, sister friend, it is costing you your most VALUABLE RESOURCE! YOUR TIME! 
Consignment can be an amazing way to get started or to make amazing profits with little capital investment, but it must make sense. You need to know what you are profiting and what items are worth your time to process in order to structure and run a successful consignment business.
This tool separates your consignment business so you are able to FULLY understand what that is doing for you, where the opportunities lie, and what the best approach is moving forward.
The GCC BUSINESS BUILD OUT DASHBOARD PRO will start at a one time fee of $89.
Christine already tried to sneak way more information and charts, but I asked her to ease us into the wild world of engineer math.
We will be making some upgrades and adding to the dashboard as we learn what our clients need and want more of. Once you are in, you are in. You will get any and all upgrades that come down the pipeline on this dashboard.
Here is a view of what is included in the Dashboard PRO (not pictured: the tracker because it didn't fit and you know how I am about visuals, but it is included)
So here are the options available for purchase. If you have any further questions, please make sure to reply to this email or dm me on instagram. 
We will be hosting a little workshop in a week or so for dashboard clients so we can all learn together and ask any questions we may still have (yes, I am included).
If you would like to go ahead and purchase one of the dashboards, here are the links below! Both of them come in the Excel Version (our preferred version) and Google Sheets (same information but not as pretty lol)



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